Heating Repair & Furnace and Boiler Replacement in Cornelius NC

Heating System & AC Repair and Replacement in Cornelius NC

We provide air temperature control for all environments: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).  We offer repair, replacements preventive maintenance, and new unit installation for industrial, commercial and residential.  No job is to big or too small.

       We offer preventative maintenance

       services on all brands of equipment:

  1. Clean and adjust burner assembly

  2. Furnace replacement

  3. Boiler replacement

  4. Clean ignition assembly

  5. Clean heat exchanger or elements

  6. Monitor flue draft

  7. Monitor refrigerant pressure

  8. Test starting capabilities

  9. Test safety controls

  10. Clean or replace air filters

  11. Clean and adjust blower components

  12. Check air flow

  13. Inspect duct work

  14. Tighten electrical connections

  15. Measure volts / amps

  16. Lubricate all moving parts

  17. Adjust thermostat calibration

  18. Clean evaporator coil if accessible

  19. Clean condenser coil

  20. Clean condensate drains

  21. Measure temperature difference

Boiler Replacement in Cornelius NC
Annual Maintenance Agreements

A Properly Maintained Heating & Air Conditioning System Saves Money & Energy

    Air Conditioning and Heating systems are precision built and manufactured with extreme care to provide you with years of comfort and energy efficient operation. Like a car, it is essential that a regular maintenance and service be performed to run properly.You don't neglect your car, so why neglect you heating & cooling system.

  Regular maintenance goes a long ways in providing a system that is reliable and efficient. It is also possible to identify some problems that can be taken care of before they become big expensive problems, and that is always nice!

  Utilities costs keep rising and comfort costs more and more every year. You can keep your home comfortable and save money knowing that the heating and air conditioning system is operating properly and performing at its maximum efficiency.

  If your air conditioning or heating system isn't providing the comfort you need, if it seems to be working okay but it has been over a year since the last maintenance service, call us and schedule an appointment today to help ensure the best it can be!

Zoning Systems

Are you tired of having to adjust your thermostat all the time? Are your upstairs rooms too hot?

A zoning system will help. On hot days and nights why cool your entire home when you only need to cool the areas that you are occupying. That is the simplicity of a Zoning System.

Based on the square footage of your home, most houses require a two zone system. We split your duct system in half so that during the day you can cool or heat the specific areas you are occupying, causing your system to operate at only a fraction of the time it would compared to having cool or heat your entire home. This alone saves you big dollars on your utility bill!

Networked Zoning combines a zone control panel, thermostats, conventional dampers and a discharge air temperature sensor to make up a communicating system.


While the basic system controls two or three zones, it can be expanded to nine zones.

Ask us how to apply zoning system solutions within your home or business,

it will save you money immediately and over time.